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Image by Augustine Wong

What’s getting in your way?

After working with hundreds of clients, sharing dozens of 1:1 meetings weekly, and helping people transform from cautious to confident, the #1 thing I’ve seen get in people’s way of achieving lasting results is:



We talk ourselves out of achieving something for ourselves for no other reason than our questioning if we're worth the time put in. The All Or Nothing approach adds Shame Baggage when we don’t “get it all perfect right away”


I didn’t understand why every time
life got busy,
I let go of some of the routines that kept me THE MOST grounded.

For 2 years, I traveled as an English teacher abroad.

I loved the adventure, yet, at the beginning I started losing sight of the one thing that keeps me showing up as my best self, which is: taking care of myself and my health. Choosing to invest my time, energy, and money in it.

 Living my best life was more than just taking pictures in front of rescued elephants

or being seen at the hottest club in Shanghai.

It was developing myself personally.

It was eating healthy, local cuisine; and finding

local hiking Meetups.

It was learning about the local religion and developing my own spiritual self-care practice.

It was digging deeper into the community's particular mode of living a healthy, sustaining, happy life.

And, from all this, seeing what worked best for me. 


 So, I created this to help you do the same thing:

invest in yourself.


It’s a simple framework:

move your body, commit to letting yourself shine,

and win money for it.


I lead with a straight-forward, science-backed approach, because I want you to get the results you desire in the most efficient, shortest way possible.

It’s summer, you should be spending it laughing it up at the pool, not doubting if you’re worth it.


This DIY, 30-day fitness + wellness challenge is for you if you:

  • feel unmotivated, tired, or stuck in your routine

  • love how you feel after a workout, but need a nudge to actually get into it

  • have a wildin summer vacay schedule and don’t know how to fit in your fitness around it

  • literally hate working out at home or by yourself

  • are too overwhelmed with life and plans to prioritize yourself

  • struggle holding yourself accountable to health goals

  • want to HALT the negative self talk

  • are ready to FEEL more fit + most importantly CONFIDENT in your body

  • want to make $$ off of beating your friends lol just kidding, friendly competition… (but you know you’re gonna get that prize $$$)

Fitness Gears

1. Register

Get on the waitlist before June 23rd to get an Early Bird gift (hint hint: it's self care AF). We'll reach out to confirm your spot within 24 hours.

2. Get Access on July 1

We'll cash in that deposit and hop right in with an Intro class and your points start accruing. Throughout the challenge, your goal is not weight loss or steps or calories-- it is consistency. Accrue as many points as possible to get on the Leader Board.

VIP- challengers will also get a private chat that begins today, where you can ask any and all questions, check in, and get personalized tips and programming.

3. SHINE for 30 days

Each week has 4 work outs, and a few recovery, stretching, or yoga videos. 1 work out = 1 point. 3 days in a row= bonus points. Completing Mini-Challenges= bonus points. Mini-Challenges will relate to overall wellness: for example, eating a plant based meal, drinking a gallon of water, going on a hike etc. And they will be announced every week.  

4. Time to WIN

Top point earners will win BIG. We have a LOT of exciting prizes to give away including: CASH prizes that DOUBLE your deposit, free personal training, and swag from brands like Alo, Anthropologie, Drybar, Corkcicle, and MORE!

5. the journey goes on

This challenge is just a jump-off point! Once you’ve mastered consistency (and hopefully got some cash money in your pocket) you’re ready for your next level. Where to, captain?

this is the chance you've been waiting for to:

  • Pursue the sexiest, most confident, energized, kick-ass version of Y-O-U

  • Walk away with more money than you started (hello, Bitcoin)

  • Make time for your WELLNESS so you aren’t forced to make time for your illness later this year

  • Build up your strength through consistency, while making it FUN

  • Unlock your inner Meg-Thee-Stallion level confidence

  • Be unapologetic in your goals for your self-growth

  • Get daily reminders to keep going even on the hardest of days

  • Find flexibility in your busy routine, fitting in your self-care as a priority


"After this challenge, I felt so much more energized and loving myself!! Daily reminders from all the girls to keep going even on the hardest of days, made the past 3 weeks so much less stressful

Crystle, Nashville TN

Molly is  a powerhouse of encouragement and dedication. I used to find peace in the gym, and during quarantine I lost that love. Molly took it upon herself to start a small group who did weekly workouts. Having that community, and Molly’s daily encouraging videos and infectious energy, I found myself doing HOME WORKOUTS (something I’d never done) and feeling AMAZING! She renewed my love of fitness, and even across the country she continues to inspire me day in and day out. She is truly a wonderful teacher!!!

Kayla M, Illinois

I trained with Molly Thomas at Burn Bootcamp. She is excellent! She gently points out if your form isn't quite right, and doesn't shame you. She is very informative... knows her stuff! Thanks, Molly!

Debbie B, Illinois

You can connect with other women who may be going through similar struggles that you are. Not only are you supported through this group, but also motivated by Molly’s energy and expertise. She shows flexibility in her program by giving alternative moves; verbal, written, and visual instructions; and personal attention.

Past Challenger

What You Get:

  • 4 Weekly Work-outs and 1 Yoga or Stretching Sequence

  • Going on vacay one week? That’s fine! You get access to view previously  recorded work outs  24/7, to fit around your trip

  • Daily Motivational Text or Journaling Prompt 

  • Goal Setting Workbook

  • Habit Tracker + Guide

  • Fitness Supplement Guide

  • 2 Happy Hour chats with Molly. Jump on a quick 30-min Zoom for any personal fitness questions, mindset, or just celebrating your hard work that week

  • 50% off your On Demand Library if you choose to continue subscribing for August. Mhmh 30 days of work outs at half the price

  • A hype woman in your corner :) 


VIP add-on

  • Check-ins: get personal check ins with me at the start, halfway, and final week of the program. We dig deep into your personal goals and create a Game Plan to make your desires manifest.

  • VIP-only 1:1s: get private access to me via chat to ask any and all questions, form checks, seek advice, share your wins, look for a hype woman etc

  • Get FREE access to the On-Demand Library for the month of August. Yup. A WHOLE month of work outs for free. 


how do i know this will work?

If you’re doubtful you’ll see change, I get it. There’s so many “quick fix” ads and (honestly) garbage in the fitness space. But here’s the thing: I’m not claiming that you’ll lose 10 pounds (though that could happen). I’m not claiming that your diet-compulsions will be cured (that could always happen!). I’m not claiming that the rest of your life will be forever, magically altered by this miracle pill or supplement or check-a-box program.

What I do know-- scientific research has found that the strongest methods of adhering to a goal or habit are social support and professional supervision. And, on a less-scientific level, uh cash?! Yes please. The overall winners have varying levels of cash prizes that will, at the minimum, DOUBLE their investment.


It doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in, as all the work outs and videos are recorded and uploaded to the On Demand library. While some work outs will be a bit longer, most work outs will be 30 minutes or under. And if you peep at your scroll time on Facebook or IG, I think you’ll be able to say with confidence, you do indeed have the time. A favorite quote of mine is, "if you don’t CHOOSE to spend time investing in your wellness now, you’ll be FORCED to spend time investing in your illness later."


No need to feel overwhelmed, but growth is uncomfortable. That's the point! 

Why I LOVe this

Um cuz you get to win cash?! While letting yourself shine and committing to self-care?!  But also, on a more serious note, my own life has drastically changed since I chose to dive deep into my education and growth in fitness and wellness. My super power is to break down complicated science to deliver you BS-free coaching to get the results you desire. Nothing lights me up more than getting to see you shine YOUR light, and SHOW  TF UP for yourself 

Runner Stretching

the deposit is just $49

This will be the most affordable way to work with me this year, as this challenge won't be launched again until January 2022. Plus, this value is UNMATCHED for all the workouts, support, guides, and prizes open to you.

Get on the waitlist ASAP!

About Me Instagram Post.png


Molly is an international teacher, private coach, and founder of Catalyst. A global fitness and wellness entrepreneur, Molly has trained in Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the US, working with clients all the way from Ecuador to San Francisco. Her mission is to break down the science of mindfulness and movement into easy-to-use tools, so you can see the results you desire.


She’s worked with single moms, brides-to-be, and CEOs, but has a special place in her heart for digital nomads. She’s certified in barre, yoga sculpt, personal training, and wrapping up her Corrective Exercise Specialization, so she can deliver a diverse, functional fitness approach. 

A lifelong learner and body-neutral proponent, her style focuses on strengthening the mind-to-muscle connection rather than constant weighing, crash dieting, and solely sweating for the calorie-count.

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