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Before we optimize your fitness routine, let's dive deep in that brain first,

to uncover your goals, desires, and where we can grow your strengths.

A single consultation can help you bust through your plateau and re-ignite your excitement to move.

Let's face it-- the past year has proved that life is ever-changing. So far, the 2020s have shown us how valuable it is to adapt and do the best with what we have. This is what I do with my clients. We work from where we're at, auditing what doesn't work, augmenting what does, and overall optimizing your fitness routine.  

I've helped guide clients to:

  • re-orient their fitness around their intermittent fasting

  • pre-wedding prep to de-stress

  • create a completely new routine based on a crazy new travel schedule with their job

  • balance their corporate lifestyle with life-giving habits

  • get back into a healthy routine after recovering from a traumatic spinal injury

  • get stronger while healing post-birth diastasis 

  • break down their mindset blocks around working out from home​

If any of these sound like something you're looking for guidance in, I'm your girl. If you have something completely in a different realm than these, let's chat.


The WHAT: In this session, we'll go over your health history and figure out what is no longer working for you and why (the WHAT).

From here, we'll dig a little deeper into the underlying beliefs and mindset that are informing your behavior, in order to build a new mindset (the WHY) and build a new routine (HOW)

Most of the time, our plateaus or frustrations are due to deeper, underlying issues. A single session can help you feel renewed, realigned, and ready for your next level.

My prices range anywhere from $45 for a one-off Zoom call, to $999 for a luxury package. Hop on a call, because there is definitely something in between that fits you.

  • Not sure if this is for you? Book a totally free initial focus sesh
    30 min
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