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hi, i’m mlly

Certified Personal Trainer + Movement Coach

Movement is so much more than just exercise.

The shake in your belly when you laugh; the jitter in your foot before a big date; the drum in your chest as you get to the top of a mountain view. 

 Your movement here is integrated with behavior-change science and mindfulness, all combined with the support of other bad asses who prioritize growth. My mission is to shift your view of movement to that of self-care, nourishment, and gratitude, 


self-ce libraŗy

I used to get to the end of my day only to realize with an

“oh SH*T I told myself I’d work out today,”

and then... instead? Just vibe on the couch; maybe anxiety-binge the new season of Dave. Scroll hole.

And then, the next day goes by..


and the next day


.. and one more, without pausing my mind to simply take care of myself.


Or, on the other extreme, I'd go through bouts of hyper "self-care" as escapism for deeper issues in my life and relationships. 


The Self-Care/ Community-Care Library was created to solve this; it's a platform to feel uplifted refreshed, and balanced with your movement, your habits, and your care.

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